GOGA – The 1st Learn-to-Earn app Making You Fall In Love With learning English through Playing Games and
Earning Cryptocurrency

What Is GOGA?

GOGA is the first English learning app with GameFi & Social Fi elements. Users equipped with GOGA Tutors (NFTs) – learn and compete with other users to earn GOGA Tokens, which can be used to level up or mint new GOGA Tutors.

Users can lease or sell their GOGA Tutors on the in-app Marketplace. Users’ GOGA earnings are stored in the in-app wallet with a built-in Swap function.

GOGA Featured Elements

Users are equipped with NFT GOGA Tutors to learn, play, and battle to earn GOGA tokens.

GOGA Tutors (NFT) can be sold, rented, and minted by users.

GOGA tokens can be stored in the in-app Wallet with a built-in Swap function. Users can only earn when owning an NFT GOGA Tutor.

GOGA is an English learning app with GameFi elements.

What Makes GOGA Unique?

The Pioneer EdTech app with crypto

With a little bit of gamification and learn-to-earn as the core mechanic, GOGA can motivate millions of users to play with English to improve English skills and even earn money by learning.

 Everyone Can Play
& Learn

Zero entry barriers for new users. Users don’t need to own NFT assets to learn2earn.Users can rent assets for free from other users to get started, with the earnings split later.

Open the crypto world for non-crypto natives

Non-crypto users get motivated to earn cryptocurrency after seeing they get money in their in-app wallets. Users can earn even before learning to use a Decentralized Wallet.

The Token

GOGA Token is our main in-game currency which users can achieve by completing missions and participating in many other activities.

Apart from GOGA Token, GOGA Gem is an exclusive currency that makes users become investors.

Governance Token

Utility Token



Project Roadmap


Nam NguyEn


11 years in start-up leadership 

10+ years of experience in digital marketing and business management

Trang TrAn


11 years in Finance & Operations 

7 years in start-up leadership

DAi NguyEn


11 years in EdTech, MedTech, FinTech 

5+ years experience in Blockchain Technology

DUng HoAng


11 years in Sales & Marketing 

7 years in start-up leadership


AI Manager 

Ph.D. in Computer Science, NTU Singapore on full scholarship 

20 years in Computer Science


Minh DoAn

Strategic Advisor

Co-founder & CEO of Massbit

Co-founder of Harmony (ONE)

Ex-Google Software Engineer in 5 years

Rongjian Lan

Technical Advisor

CTO & Co-founder of Harmony (ONE)

Co-founder of ABC Blockchain Foundation 

Ex-Google Software Engineer in 4 years

Bruce H


Co-founder & President of ScoreOne Technology

Ex-Microsoft IT Engineer

Ex- Alibaba IT Engineer