Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I download GOGA app?

Option 1: iOS operating system
– Visit App Store on your iPhone/ iPad
– Enter “GOGA” on the search bar
– Select “Get” to download and install GOGA app on your device

Option 2: Android operating system
– Visit CH Play / Google Play on your smartphone/ tablet
– Enter “GOGA” on the search bar
– Select “Install” to download and install GOGA app on your device

2. How can I sign up for an account?

– Open GOGA app
– Select “Bắt đầu ngay”
– Select display language, learning reason and daily learning time
– Select “Agree” to receive notifications -> Select “Create”
– Fill in you name, email, password and avatar to complete the registration

3. I have just started learning English, is GOGA suitable for me?

GOGA is an English learning and communication app for people aged 13 and up. The learning material is tailored to each level of skill, from English newcomers to those looking to improve their basic communication skills. Therefore, English newcomers can choose GOGA to kick off their learning on the right foot. The 3 proven practical methodologies used by GOGA are as follows: Deep listening – Catching up – Rapid Response.

Minigames to awake learners’ interest, pronunciation, and communication practices are all part of the learning journey.

GOGA offers a simple and exciting learning method thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence technology, Blockchain and Gamification. To boost the final result, the learning content is included in vocabulary and speaking minigames, daily missions ,ranging from easy – medium- difficult levels.

4. How many learning options does GOGA offer? What are the differences among these options?

GOGA offers 3 types of learning plans:
1. The free plan is free of charge. It grants you access to a limited number of lessons and up to 5 lives to play games with. However, you will be unable to join the marketplace or the Battle Royale for additional competitive challenges and economic opportunities.

2. GOGA Arena & GOGA Pronun
GOGA Arena costs VND 190.000/year
GOGA Pronun costs VND 490.000/year.

This is a good option for anyone who wants to concentrate solely on learning English. You will have full access to all lessons of the corresponding plan once upgrading to GOGA Arena or GOGA Pronun Keep in mind that you will be unable to access the GOGA marketplace, Battle Royale, or any other blockchain features.

3. The premium plan is VND 1.480.000/ year and better suited for individuals who want to learn and earn at the same time With a premium subscription, you get access to all exclusive features such as: an unlimited number of learning courses, an unlimited number of lives to play games, bonus keys to open boxes, trade items on the marketplace, and join the Battle Royale.

5. Who should I contact for further inquiries?

Should you have further inquiries, feel free to reach us through 3 following methods:
1. Contact us via hotline 1900.633.321
2. Email us at [email protected]
3. Message us on GOGA fanpage

6. How can I get NFT items and GOGA tokens?

All learners are required to learn and compete in the daily missions or the Battle Royale to increase the chance of getting NFT items and GOGA tokens. At present, we don’t allow the sale of GOGA tokens on any NFT marketplace.