1 – Event Introduction

  • GOGA Early Claim is a program to give away GOGA Token ($GGT) to users when completing activities on the app. Users can use $GGT to redeem gifts and vouchers.

  • The program will take place from October 2022 and is expected to last until March 2023.

  • Total Prize Pool: 64,000,000 $GGT and special gifts worth up to $5000.

  • Participant: Goga App Users (open for both trial and paid users)

2 – Step to join

  • Download the GOGA app and experience the EARLY CLAIM PROGRAM

  • Start earning $GGT by completing the tasks (lessons)

3 – Principles of $GGT. Recognition and accumulation

3.1 – Principles of $GGT




Activity Completion

Free user

0.05 $GGT/ 1 act

Premium user

0.1 $GGT/ 1 act

All users

Max earning act: 10 act/day

Invite Friend

All users

0.5 $GGT/ invitee

  • For example, if you are a premium user, after doing 10 activities for learning english, the number of $GGT you get will be: 0.1*10 = 1 ( $GGT)
  • Note: The maximum number of activities for earnings in a day: 10 activities. From the 11th activity, users will no longer be able to earn $GGT even though the learning process still takes place normally. –

  • Right after you successfully invite a friend and they register a Goga Account, 0.5 $GGT will be given to you. Similarly, the total reward for referral will be accumulated exponentially. –

  • Referral is calculated only when your invitee successfully register a Goga Account.

3.2 – Redemption gift 

After accumulating $GGT, you can use $GGT to redeem gifts. The list of redeemed gifts will be updated for global market (coming soon)

You also can keep $GGT in exchange for GOGA tokens on Mainnet with a rate of 1-1 in the future.

3.3 – Monthly Award



Top Earning $GGT (3 users earn the most $GGT in the month)

A 6-month Premium Account  worth

Top Referral (3 users refer the most friends in a month)

A 6-month Premium Account  worth

  • Monthly prizes will be updated on the redemption website and announced on the 5th of next month
  • The premium package bonus will be activated directly on the user’s current account

4 – Principles of gifts exchange

  • All GOGA users with eligible $GGT can redeem it directly at any time in the app

  • Users will get $GGT immediately after completing each activity. With friend invite activity, $GGT will be received after the person you invite creates an account using the app.