How To Create a Phantom wallet on mobile devices

Step 1

Open app store on your phone → Search “phantom wallet” → Select “Get” → “Open” app

Step 2

Click “Create a new wallet.”

Step 3

Click “next”

Step 4

Click “Copy to clipboard” → “OK, I saved it somewhere.”

Step 5

After saving 12 secret recovery phrase → Click “Yes”

Step 6

Congratulation on creating the wallet successfully!
Click “I agree to the Terms of Service” → “Get Started.”

Step 7

This is Phantom Wallet interface.

  • The first line – Wallet 1 (GB2P…q6uU) is your wallet address
    => Click the line to copy your wallet address

So the wallet is successfully created

Note: Creating a Phantom wallet on Mobile devices will not have a Password like on PCs

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