GOGA Testnet Process Guide – Learn & Earn 

The internal test program GOGA Testnet – Learn & Earn will include 5 steps as below:

Step 1: Prepare Your Phantom E-Wallet (recommended before August 10th, 2022)

1.1. How To Create A Phantom Wallet on PC

Step 2: Create a GOGA Account – Testnet version (this step will start from August 10th, 2022)

2.1. How To Create A GOGA Testnet Account On Website and Connect It To Your Phantom Wallet

Step 3: Activate Your GOGA Premium Account – Testnet version

3.1. How To Get GOGA Boxes And Transfer Boxes to App

3.2. How To Download Beta GOGA app & Sign In To Your Account

3.3. How To Open GOGA Box To Complete Activation

Step 4: Experience the Learn-To-Earn Feature

4.1.How To Use The Learn & Earn Feature On GOGA Testnet App

Step 5: Error Feedback While Using

5.1.Feedback Error While Using GOGA App Testnet Version